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Rafał Wojtyna

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About Law Firm

The law firm is represented by Rafal Wojtyna, counsel. The Law Firm’s group includes qualified and experienced lawyers (legal advisers and counsels). The areas of the Law Firm’s leading practice are legal services for economic activities of entrepreneurs, in particular in the field of receivables management at all stages of the proceedings.

Our main goal is to provide Customers with full legal security in business by providing professional and personalized legal services, as well as implementing legal measures aimed at maintaining material liquidity of the Customer’s economic activity. Not only experience and legal knowledge, but also business awareness allows us to find optimal solutions in even the most non-standard situation of the Customer.

When servicing each Customer, we endeavour to thoroughly understand his situation and needs, so that legal solutions we offer are individually tailored and include all aspects of the case entrusted to us.

Our goal is also to build a permanent relationship with the Customer to get to know his business situation, the industry in which he operates, as well as organizational structures in which he operates. Through this action, we are able, as part of services we provide, not only to inform the Customer about possible legal and business solutions, but above all we can meet the Customer’s expectations by advising and recommending the selection of one of these solutions.

We focus on quality

Practicing the profession of counsel, i.e. the profession of public trust, is associated with the highest responsibility for the level of quality of services provided. Therefore in everyday work we care for high standard and full satisfaction of the Customer with our activities.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our Law Firm’s offer.