Real Estate Law

Real estate law refers to the creation, content, change and cessation of the ownership right to real estate and other property rights to real estate, such as perpetual usufruct, usufruct, land easements – these rights are absolute rights, i.e. effective erga omnes – for everyone. The opposite of the aforementioned rights are obligations concerning property that are effective only with respect to parties to the agreement, for example contracts concerning real estate lease, tenancy and lending.

Selected services:

  • Legal services for real estate purchase and sale transactions
  • Legal advice for investors, lessors and tenants of commercial buildings
  • Securities established on real estate
  • Analysis of the legal status of real estate
  • Protection and restitution of lost possession
  • Legal services for financing the purchase of real estate
  • Preparation and giving opinions on contracts related to the purchase of real estate
  • Legal advice related to the enforcement of real estate claims
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