Legal aid for debtors

Ignorantia iuris nocet – ignorance of the law harms, which is particularly evident in enforcement proceedings, where life’s work is often at stake. The person against whom enforcement proceedings is pending is often helpless in the clash with the bailiff. However, effective defense against enforcement is possible if entrusted to experienced entities.

Thanks to over 10 years of experience in the debt collection and enforcement industry, we know how to comprehensively supervise the activities conducted by bailiffs and debt collection entities, so that enforcement takes place in a manner consistent with the law and interests of the Customer. We advise on how to take advantage of possibilities guaranteed by law, deal with overdue commitments and remedy one’s financial situation.

We offer our Customers:

  • legal advice for people in debt;
  • negotiations with creditors before the claim is due;
  • verification of the possibility to evade satisfaction (limitation);
  • representation and conducting negotiations at the stage of amicable and forced debt collection;
  • supervision over the course of enforcement proceedings and its correctness; in particular – accepting the claim as to the substance and amount, verification of the proportionality of enforcement measures applied;
  • protection against the unlawful operation of enforcement bodies and debt collection entities;
  • preparation of appeal measures;
  • developing the debt recovery strategy.
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