Debt collection

Thanks to over 10 years of experience in working with economic entities, we know how important it is for each company to maintain material liquidity and efficient enforcement of receivables.

The Law Firm offers entrepreneurs cooperation in the field of receivables management at all stages of proceedings – both amicable, as well as court and enforcement proceedings.

Depending on the needs of our Customers:

  • we collect debts (cases) by ourselves, representing our Customers before courts and enforcement bodies, or
  • we support internal debt collection departments of our Customers.

As part of our own debt collection processes, we offer our Customers a full range of services, starting with the verification of solvency (financial position) of the debtor, and ending with enforcement of the order for payment or judgment by way of enforcement proceedings.

The Law Firm has a special position and extensive experience in the debt trading market in the field of mass handling of cases at the judicial and enforcement stage. Services are addressed to economic entities who want to quickly and effectively collect their debts from debtors.

The Law Firm also has extensive experience in servicing debt collection departments of our Customers. Our lawyers coordinate the processes of implementation, updating procedures and documentation, as well as monitor the work of debt collection departments of our Customers.

Selected services:

  • Request for payment
  • Negotiations of repayment conditions with debtors
  • Court and out-of-court settlements
  • Security of receivables
  • Court debt recovery
  • Representation before the court of first and second instance
  • Obtaining payment orders and judgments
  • Preparation of appeal measures
  • Debt collection by way of debt enforcement proceedings
  • Actio Pauliana (recognition of the legal act ineffective)
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